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MABA Holiday/Winter Street Planter Decoration Contest Nov. 14-24; $500 Cash Prize

With the winter approaching Schroeder Flowers has cleaned out the summer flowers from our street planters on Military Avenue. Since the planters are empty, we've put together a contest to have some winter interest designs in the planters with natural materials that will look good through the holidays and through the winter.  The contest allows BID businesses as well as local neighborhood associations to form teams to decorate our 11 planters for winter.  We've partnered locally with Green Bay Nursery and they will be receiving natural materials on November 14 that can be purchased by teams at a 25% discount.  A full list of these materials is linked at the bottom along with the rules for the contest (we will have a list of acceptable and prohibited materials for everyone to review).  Teams may also use materials from other sources as long as they are on the list of acceptable materials.  We've set a 10 day period where teams can decorate planters from November 14-24 (includes 2 weekends).

The MABA Board will vote on the best looking planter the week of November 24 and the team who wins will be given a prize of $500.00.  This prize can be in the form of cash prize or a donation to a local charity in the teams name--- whichever you prefer.  Please call or email with any questions--- ideas and suggestions are welcome. Call 920-544-9503 or email to claim your planter.  Good luck.

Holiday Street Planter Rules

List of Green Bay Nursery materials available


Military Discount Program (Active Duty, Reserve, Veterans)

We would like to welcome Stich'N Time as the newest members on Military Avenue to offer a Military Service Discount. Stich'N Time offers a 10% discount. To see a full list of the OVER 30 members just visit this page:

Military Discount Sticker



The Military Avenue Business Association would like to feature a Military Avenue Business District business each month on our website and social media.  This feature will include information such as your business information, photos, history, promotions, and events.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us via email:, phone: 9205449503, or stop in at the office:  425 S. Military Ave. Suite 206, Green Bay, Wi 54304. Information forms are available at:


MABA Quarterly Newsletter is out!

The Military Avenue Business Association (MABA) is proud to distribute this first edition of what will become a quarterly Newsletter for the Military Avenue Business Improvement District  (BID). We would like to use the venue to help keep local businesses and neighbors informed of issues and development in the BID. We welcome any input or suggestions you may have on format or content.

Check it out useing the panel to the left or take this link:


Executive Director for the Military Avenue Business Improvement District.

21 February 2014

New Executive Director for the Military Avenue Business Improvement District (BID)

Dear Military Avenue Business District members and friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Dan Perron and I have been hired by the Military Avenue Business Association (MABA) as the new Executive Director for the Military Avenue Business Improvement District (BID).  I am honored to have been selected for this position and will work diligently to ensure effective implementation of BID priorities and good stewardship of your BID funds.

First, a little background on me, I’m a recently retired career military officer and veteran who has returned to Green Bay after 21 years of leadership in the U.S. Naval Aviation and Military Intelligence communities.  While in the military, I had extensive project management and operational analysis experience that will be very beneficial to successful execution of MABA BID priorities.  I spent the last five years of my military service in Washington D.C. as a Navy Commander and senior intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization where I provided analysis and oversight to multi-million dollar national strategic programs and procurement efforts.  In addition to my program management background, I grew up in Green Bay in a family that has operated and supported small businesses in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan for over 30 years, so I am aware of some of the unique challenges and needs of the local small business community.  My own family (wife Natalie and two children; Mary, 18 and Jack, 15) resides, works, and attends school in the Green Bay area, so we are very dedicated to the city.  I look forward to learning your specific business needs and concerns as well as working with all of you in the development of the Military Avenue corridor. 

Over the next several weeks, I will focus on meeting with as many of you as possible to discuss issues and suggestions related to the BID.  MABA will be organizing a formal meet and greet event on March 13 (details to follow) and I will be reaching out to as many of you as I can in the mean time.  Please contact me if you would like to set up a time to meet.  The MABA BID office at 425 S. Military, Suite 206 now has computer access and a phone line (see below for number; please note voice mail will not be set up until ~28 Feb.).

Another immediate priority will be working with you to implement the 2014 Military Avenue BID Operating Plan that was approved back in October by the Green Bay City Council.  This will require a cooperative effort and one of my main goals over the next several weeks will be to help organize effective committees made up of MABA volunteers to implement the BID Operating Plan.  These committees are essential tools to successfully deliver on the priorities you have already identified in the BID plan.  Committees include:

  • Design (includes façade improvement, streetscaping, street banners, holiday lighting, Christmas tree, etc.)
  • Organization (includes marketing, newsletter, business directory, website, social media maintenance, communications, consulting, etc.)
  • Events (organizing and leading events in the Military Avenue Corridor
  • Economic Development: (business recruitment, business support, business retention

I know there are already many eager volunteers for some these committees, but keep in mind all these committees are important and all have to be filled with talented people.  Please let me know if you are interested in working on one of the identified committees that best suits your talents.  The BID plan will not work without strong and dedicated committees.

I know the Military Avenue BID has a great deal of supporters and I look forward to working with you all.  I also realize that there are many questions and some opposition to the BID within the corridor as well--that is understandable.  I am always willing to hear any issues or concerns and hope to demonstrate that the BID can be an effective tool to revitalize the corridor, reduce vacancies, and increase property values.  That said, this effort will require a long-term commitment and a team effort to succeed.  I can’t promise miracles over the first year of the BID, but I will promise progress.  I look forward to helping to lead that progress and thank you for the opportunity. 

Thanks for all the cooperation and enthusiasm that you have already demonstrated and thanks in advance for all your future efforts in support of the Military Avenue BID. 


Dan Perron

Executive Director
Military Avenue Business Improvement District
425 S. Military Ave. Suite 206
Green Bay, WI 54303

(O) 920-544-9503
(Cell) 757-375-1166

Press Gazette News Release

MABA Action Plan

  • Improve district networking and communication through regular newsletters and a series of informative presentations
  • Develop a logo and branding strategy
  • Work with the City to create district signage and streetscape enhancements
  • Create an effective website
  • Explore opportunities to fund district marketing efforts
  • Explore marketing assistance options (Chamber, Tourism & Interns)
  • Identify and promote the unique aspects of the district businesses
  • Partner with Greater Green Bay Organizations
  • Establish a Block Captain Network for collecting and distributing information
  • Hold Annual Member Meetings
  • Sponsor regular breakfast/lunch information forums